Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mommy Fall Down, Go Boom!

Well, the Spring Cleaning isn't going as planned. :(

I was on the right path on Sunday and Monday, but then the unexpected happened and threw me completely off my game!


Oh yes, your eyes are reading that correctly...urine. Go ahead...laugh...get it out of your system! :)

It sounds funny enough, but I really hurt myself! See, I was coming down the hall from, believe it or not, flushing some pee-pee for the baby who had just pottied (but obviously not completely in the potty). I promised her some candy and as we headed to get it, my foot hit a puddle of pee and I fell, but on the way down, I hit my head on the door frame (the temple area) and it really hurt. It was throbbing and pounding so, I was worried for a minute there. Oh, and G? When I fell honey, she took off for the hills and didn't look back! She was some help! ha! When I finally got up, I was just in so much pain that all I wanted to do was lay down. But I know that if you hit your head, you shouldn't lay down and sleep. That could be dangerous. But other than having a throbbing headache and sore head, I felt ok...just needed some rest. Luckily G went right to sleep and napped for 3 hours...VERY RARE these days! But oh how I took advantage of it! You just never know folks. I could have really hurt myself. What if I had hit my head a little harder and blacked out or something? My husband didn't get home for another 6 hours! My baby would have been alone with a mother who was unconscious! What a terrifying thought! Things can go from good to BAD in an instant...you just never know. Nobody wakes up in the morning with even the idea that their head is going to come smack in contact with a wood door frame! I'm so thankful that it wasn't worse. I really do believe that angels were looking out for me!

But since yesterday, I just haven't been in the mood to do any kind of deep cleaning, which is frustrating. My one week this spring to get some things done and I have a setback. I hate that!

With that said, I hope I feel more in the mood tomorrow because my one goal, if I get nothing else accomplished, is to get my laundry room under control because the clothes situation is out of control!


  1. I am glad that you are ok. That is scary...right after I had Jacob I was terrified of being home alone. I had the heart issues after he was born and I was afraid of passing out or dying and leaving my lil baby all alone til hubby came home. I was so sleep deprived because I wouldn't sleep if I was alone in the house. Thank God for Guardian Angels!

  2. Glad you weren't seriously hurt! One of my biggest fears is something happening to me as I am always alone with Jonathan, and no one to come to our rescue! I, like you, just have to believe the angels will look out for us if something does happen. We never know what a day will bring, do we? Take care!

  3. Aww Im glad you are OK!! I hope you feel more motivated this week! I know of a lady who lights a candle when she cleans, so maybe that would help! A good smelly one :) I tried it yesterday and it did make doing dishes and laundry more plesant! Maybe a little music?

  4. Slipping in pee, welcome to my world. :-)

  5. I'm glad you're OK! And of all the things to slip in, why does it have to be PEE? Such is the life of a Mom.


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