Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day...A Big, Fat Distraction!

I've been sitting here this morning, having a little breakfast and watching cartoons with my daughter on Nickolodeon and Disney Channel. Every other commercial is about "earth" and how she takes care of us..."She's round, cuddly and friendly too...and she gives life for me and you!" Oh my gosh! PUH-LEEZE! Cuddly? The earth "cuddly and friendly?" (tell that to the people over in Japan!) This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! What angers me is that the powers that be are putting crap out there like this for PRESCHOOLERS! The younger the better I guess. Next they'll be creating earth mobiles and earth teething toys for infants (they probably already have!).

I'm a little ticked off. I mean, of ALL days, or weekends to celebrate "earth day" why did they have to pick Easter weekend? As if the big fluffy pink bunny wasn't bad enough, they have to throw in the "cute, cuddly earth" for kids to idolize? And I don't think for a second that that was done by accident. It was by design. Someone is very jealous of Jesus.

The truth is, it's all a big fat DISTRACTION. To take our focus off of this most Holy Day! Good Friday...the day Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world! And on Sunday, lots of "earth week" activities will commence. The planting of trees, the picking up of trash along the beaches, the speeches, the rallies. The protests against oil companies, car emissions, cow flatulence. And lots of t-shirts, buttons and pins all declaring love and gratitude for "Mother Earth." Lots of good will, lots of focus on what is seemingly righteous work. But is this focus displaced?

There will also be those who will be bowing their heads in humble gratitude for something altogether different. They realize that a great price was paid for them that they can never repay...that they've not been asked to repay. You see, we were expensive. Very expensive. The price for us had to be paid with blood. The purest, most powerful life giving blood available. It had to come from God Himself. And He did it. He who was good and perfect and blameless became sin and defeated it on the CROSS and He died. He was buried and that was that, so it seemed. But Jesus PROVED who He said He was...He was God, the one with power over sin and death and He actually raised Himself from the dead and became alive again! Wow! And right now, He sits, ALIVE at the right hand of His Father in Heaven! 

That's what millions of us will be reflecting on, talking about, singing about! The fact that God loved us so much that He sent His only Son to die in our place so we could be with Him.

But why can't you celebrate both? You might be wondering. Why do you have to be so hard-nosed about uncool? What's wrong with celebrating "Earth Day?" God created the earth after all!

I would say that Christians, because the Word commands us to, celebrate Earth Day EVERY DAY! We are called to be good stewards of the earth and to take care of God's glorious creation (this world really is WONDROUS!). We reflect on these things all the time (if we're not, we need to be asking God to help us see how we can do a better job of that). But we don't worship and revere the creation, we worship and revere the CREATOR. Doing it any other way is backward. So, to take the holiest of days away from God to focus on that which was created by God is just foolish. And anyone with an ounce of discernment sees the folly in this. It is a distraction. It's meant by the enemy to take our focus off of Jesus Christ and onto something else...anything else. He wants the worship. He is stealing the worship away from Jesus and disguising it as the righteous act of "taking care of Mother Earth." He thinks he's clever. 

But he gets no glory from me. I see right through this ploy to steal worship from my precious Jesus. And he, nor his "earth day" will get any of my focus, my time, nor my attention. 

Call me crazy, call me uncool, call me a religious zealot...I don't care. But one thing you won't call me is a fool! I'm keeping my eyes fixed on the CROSS!

I will not be distracted!

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