Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We Had a SUPER Valentines Day!

There are just those precious moments in a marriage...those little jewels that you hold on to and treasure. This Valentines weekend will be one for the record books and one that I will cherish for years to come. Not so much for the AMAZING meal we had at Pappa Deaux's in Cincinnati, or for the alone time during our little getaway at the Hampton Inn, but for the way my husband attended to my needs. He was so thoughtful and went above and beyond!

The days leading up to the weekend were really stressful and I didn't get as much done as I had hoped. The day my parents were to arrive to take care of the little one, I was pretty much in a mad dash to get everything done that I had put off. Not cool, but that's pretty much how I roll (put everything off 'til the last minute!). I didn't expect my husband to help me. I mean, why should he? He works all week and this was the ONE thing I had to do, get the house ready for when my parents arrived. Maybe he sensed I was really stressed about it, I'm not sure, but on Saturday, he just jumped right in and did WHATEVER I needed. The only job I gave him was to clean our bedroom and he did that very well. But on top of that, he washed, folded and put away 3 or 4 loads of towels, took G to run some errands, to get her out of my way while I cleaned, and to get things that I needed. He also swept the patio, carried out bags of trash, and kept up with G so she wasn't in my way, without one complaint or objection!

That was the amazing part. That he didn't condemn me for not having it all done and doing what I ALWAYS do...stressing everyone out by leaving it 'til the last minute. Instead he was gracious, helpful and did things that needed to be done without having to be asked. He was just precious to me. Then on our trip, he insisted I get whatever I wanted at the restaurant, waited on me hand and foot at the hotel and told me over and over how much he loved me and why. WOW! I'm still reeling from all the lavish attention! I just don't deserve it. But somehow, he decides to give it so freely anyway.

I told him before we ever got married and still mean it today, that his love is the closest thing to Jesus love that I've ever known. Because he loved (loves) me when I was unlovable.

What an amazing Valentines Day...I'll never forget it.

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