Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Might Be Able to Get the Couponing Thing After All!

I went to Kroger this evening and scored some serious deals! They are having a meat sale, so I stocked up. And I tried the whole matching up my coupons with the store sales. And what do you know? I scored some good deals and some FREE stuff!!! WOOHOO!

My total was $72.59 and my receipt says that with my store card and coupons, I saved
$40.72! Pretty awesome!

I also unknowingly bought 10 of their mega items, which took
$5.00 off of the total.

This trip, I bought fresh vegetables like celery, onion, carrots, cucumber and lettuce. And a 5lb bag of Fugi apples for $3.99 which is about $.80 a pound.

In all, the fresh fruit and veg totaled $13.02

Now for the meat deals...

Split, Bone-In Chicken Breasts were $.99lb

Chicken Leg Quarters were $.49lb for a 10lb bag, which totaled $4.90. But you could say that I got it for FREE because of the $5.00 credit from the mega savings promotion!

Pork Loin was either $1.49lb or $1.89lb...I don't remember. But either is a good deal.

So, in all I spent $12.32 which is pretty awesome for like 15lbs of meat!

Then I bought a few things that weren't necessarily on sale so that I could make for a recipe for my MOPS breakfast tomorrow, but I bought the store brands to try to keep the costs down, which is no big deal.

But I also got some things for FREE using coupons!!! Too cool!

I had a bunch of Colgate coupons, so I thought I'd just check and see if it was on sale, and it was, 10 for $10. Which at Kroger, means it's $1.00. I had two $.50 off any Colgate toothpaste coupons which at Kroger doubles. So each coupon was worth $1.00, meaning both tubes were FREE!!!
I also needed butter and had a $.50 off coupon for Best Life spread. When I got to Kroger, Best Life was also 10 for $10, so with the coupon, it was FREE! (it's really fun to write FREE in all caps! LOL) I may even have another one in my coupon stash,
so I'm going back to get more if I do!

I also got yogurts for about $.25 a container using coupons as well as some frozen items like Toaster Strudel, Green Giant veg, Lean Cuisines and Banquet Chicken Nuggets for about $1.50 or less a piece using coupons.


There certainly is quite a feeling of accomplishment when you can get something for free or nearly free. It makes me want to work a little harder to find the best deals.

I also dug out a binder and bought some of those baseball card sleeves and some dividers to place my coupons in so that I can get organized.

I'm on a roll folks!


  1. {applause} Can you hear me cheering you on? Wow! You did a great job! I need to start going to Krogers again! You did better there than I do at WalMart. I told you it was easy! You just have to clip the coupons and take them with you. It's that easy! Aren't you glad you did it!

    Have a Great Day!

  2. That's great, Angie! Good for you!

  3. That's great, Angie. Kroger seems to be the best couponing store if you're only going to pick one. Good luck on keeping it all organized. That's the hardest part.


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