Wednesday, January 19, 2011

14 Reasons Why I'm Crazy About My Husband!

14. Can we all just agree...he's pretty cute!

(so is she!)

13. He makes me laugh.

(in his favorite Christmas present...his new Hoodie Footies! lol)

12. He lets me be as evil as I want to be when I PMSing. In fact, he kind of laughs about it. He brought me a candy bar the other night...I know. Awwww!

11. He works VERY hard!

10. He puts the needs of his family before his own a great deal
of the time.

9. He willingly puts in to practice things that would make this statement true..."Happy wife, happy life!"

8. He rarely complains...even though I give him AMPLE reason to do so!!!

7. He's a giver...

6. He does his own laundry and ironing.

5. I do not have to pick up after him (for the most part).

4. He's a very forgiving human being.

3. He's crazy in love with another little lady and helps me with her without question or complaint...I really never even have to ask. He just does.

2. We got married very young. We've gone through all our growing pains together and he's still HERE!

(very young, 21 and he was 19!)

1. He's super crazy about me!

There are lots more reasons, but none that are appropriate to write about or discuss with the whole world! LOL

I love you baby!


  1. Awwww, very sweet. I love the "he lets me be as evil as I want to be..." part, lol! I imagine you're not that bad, girl.

    It's good "practice" because you have a daughter who will have her own PMS someday, lol!

  2. What a sweet list! And I'm totally getting the Hoody Footies for Glen, if for no other reason than my entertainment!

  3. HoodieFooties.......MUWHAHAHAHA......


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