Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Well Worn Path to My Heart...New Again!

I've seen this cartoon a million times (well at least 35). I plan my schedule around it every year. I just love its simplicity and the way it makes a point without being "preachy."

I watched it the same way I always do, knowing exactly what scene is coming up next, exactly how the characters are going to react. That comes with seeing it a million (35) times. But this year, there were some things that I caught that I had never noticed before. And the simple little cartoon, which has made a well worn path to my heart, for the first time, made me cry.

I always make sure I try to catch the opening. This is one of my favorite scenes. The kids skating whimsically to "Christmas Time Is Here."
It's just enchanting.

But my eyes and ears started to perk up when Charlie Brown was contemplating why he was so down during Christmas.

Was it just the rampant commercialism, that his own dog was participating in, that was getting him down? Why was he looking for deeper meaning? I mean, isn't that what Christmas is all about? Presents, toys, Santa, shopping, parties, busyness? There's nothing in our secular world that would suggest that we look for ANYTHING else. That IS Christmas. Right? But obviously, Charlie Brown knew that something was missing...he just couldn't put his finger on it.
I think a lot of people feel that way.

Then Charlie Brown get the chance to direct the school play,
a chagrin to many in the group.
But no one would listen to him or his direction. What were they?


They were doing their own thing. They were caught up in CHRISTMAS for crying out loud!

Then comes the fiasco with the little tree, everyone's inattention and in his frustration, Charlie Brown finally loses his cool and exclaims!
"Isn't there anyone who knows what

And Linus simply says,
"Sure Charlie Brown, I can tell you what Christmas is all about."
And he proceeds to tell the King James Bible version of the
Christmas story.
But what struck me for the first time was this...

Everyone was so busy before. But while he spoke of the "...babe, wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger," everyone stopped. They were still and they were quiet. They listened...and they got it.

And this is where I lost it. When he walks over and says,
"That's what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown."

Those 8 words pierced my heart.
That is what Christmas is all about,
"...the Savior which is Christ the Lord!"
And that, "...Joy which shall be to all people" is the sweet spirit that came over the kids and caused them to finally want to
"Be Christmas" from their heart, instead of selfishly participating
in the hollow, empty, busy side of it all.

They all joined together and they all began to sing.


What is this spirit of goodwill and peace and joy and giving that comes over people this time of year?
Linus proclaimed it, and it is a PROMISE from God...
The angel of the Lord (His messenger) said,
"Behold, I bring you tidings of GREAT JOY which shall be to

Angels don't just do or say whatever they want you know. They are created to worship and serve God Himself. So, this message came directly from Him, for the world. That Jesus, for all time, will be a GREAT JOY to ALL PEOPLE. Not just those people...ALL PEOPLE!
is the gift. He is still the gift.
Still the JOY that can make your heart leap even when
everything around you looks grim. He is still the reason why, during this time of year, that people seem united in spirit. It's not by chance or because of "Tis the season and Ho, ho, ho."
It's because His Holy Spirit is real and you can feel it, right now!
Still! 2,000 years after the fact!

Charlie Brown was searching for something. And the Word of God gave him the answers he was looking for.
The answer was and is Jesus Christ. The baby that God sent as a gift to you and me.

He got it. I got it too.
My prayer is that YOU will also get it and let the
REAL Spirit of Christmas live inside your heart.

Many Blessings to you this season,
from my family to yours!


  1. That's soooooo sweet Angie!!!!!!

  2. Hi Angie! Thanks for commenting about my guest post at Beth's blog! I have to tell you its funny I clicked in to your blog and saw this post first today. I grew up with this cartoon and looked forward to it every year! I was just at Rite Aid this morning and right at the front they had a Charlie Brown, Linus and their infamous Christmas tree on a wood plaque. If I hadn't spent enough money already I might have bought it. Although, I might go back and see if it is marked down after Christmas! : )

    And just to throw in my two cents to your question about following, I don't follow any "rule" that says because someone is following you, you follow them. My blog is really for my business and I seriously get overwhelmed just with the blogroll that shows up on my dashboard for those I do follow. For example, I have celiac disease and can't eat gluten. I have people who follow me who bake and cook and that's what their blogs are about. I can't eat a lot of regular foods, {plus I don't bake or cook} so I do not follow them back. However, I do visit them from time to time to leave a comment and let them know I'm thinking of them.


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