Sunday, December 26, 2010

I'm Not Waiting!

How do you feel on December 26th? Do you feel relieved? Glad it's all over? Underwhelmed? Even more stressed at the new mess? Annoyed at the loud toys? Not looking forward to putting up all the Christmas stuff? Or sad that it's all over and not looking forward to the new year?

Well, on December 26, all I feel is STUFFED! I feel like if I see one more dessert, one more slice of turkey covered in gravy, one more spoonful of green bean casserole, that I'm going to puke! I've eaten cookies and sweets for weeks now and Christmas just about did me in! I'M OVER FOOD!!!


So that's why I'm not waiting for January one to start eating healthy and exercising, I'm starting NOW!

I'm actually looking forward to salads
and grilled chicken and vegetables.

...and breaking a sweat!


Not sure what kind of plan that I'm going to do. But as the saying goes, "If you fail to plan you plan to fail." So, I need to come up with something. All I know is the first thing I'm doing tomorrow is sorting through all the clothes that are too big for me, bagging them up and getting rid of them; Starting with my two favorite pair of jeans that are so big, I can roll down them down twice and stick both my arms down the front! It is soooo annoying wearing them because they fall down all the time, but they're my nicest two pair.

This isn't me, but this is about what I
go through everyday in my jeans!

I have other jeans that are just a smidge too tight that I can wear uncomfortably, and losing 10 pounds or so would just do the trick I think. Then, when those get too big, I'll treat myself to a new pair! That will be fun!

Isn't it strange how we hang on to clothes that don't fit? Either ones that are too small, or too big, like we're waiting for our bodies to magically fit into them? Why do we leave them hanging in our closets? Do we enjoy depressing ourselves? They don't fit, they take up room in the closet, a lot of times they're out of style and they just do nothing for us! Isn't it time that we just let them go? What are we hoping for? To stay fat? To get fatter so they'll fit? Or to magically lose weight so they'll fit? Now, I do believe in having a goal dress or holding on to that one pair of skinny jeans you look forward to wearing again. But a whole closet full? That's just sad. And hey, I'm preaching to myself here. I have clothes that are too big (as a cushion) and too small (as a pipe dream) that I hold on to, so I'm guilty as well. But my banner for the year is going to read, "Do the uncomfortable thing!" Anything that I know is right, but feels uncomfortable, I'm going to MAKE myself do! Doing the easy thing has not served me, so it's now time to turn that around and do the hard thing. Throwing out my clothes won't be easy, but it's what I must do to move forward. And forward is the only direction I am accepting this year!

On the agenda for tomorrow then? Clean out the closet, purge some old clothes and prepare for a new start.
Sounds good to me!


  1. Sounds good to me as well! I've been off track for the last few months, and though I'm still much smaller than I was last year, I've lost some valuable ground. I'll be praying that God gives you direction on what plan you are to take. And I commend you greatly for your bravery in starting in your closet! What you have chosen to do is definitely difficult, but you can totally do it!

    Sending love and hugs....


  2. Hi! Thanks for the comment on my cookie exchange post! Sorry I'm just now getting back with you...I took some time off for Christmas!!! So, you had to make a dozen cookies for each guest at your party??? We only made a dozen each! I guess there are different ways to do it, depending on how many you want to go home with! I have a peanut butter cookie recipe I use too, but my boys are more partial to sugar cookies! As for your post above, I am SO with you about feeling "Blah!" I had started the couch to 5 K running plan a few weeks before Thanksgiving, but it was so hard to stick with it during the holidays! I plan on getting back on track this week!! You should look into it...I really liked it when I was doing it!

  3. I agree...don't wait for January 1st(even though it isn't to far away). If you have a plan..go for it today! I know you posted this a few days ago, but I am sure you are well on your way to that purging and planning.

  4. Great idea to start early! My hubs and I just started the Daniel Fast today. Boy is my system already in shock mode! Whew! We are going to be doing this for 21 days. We are excited to see what God reveals to us during this time.
    Good luck with your weight loss. You can do it!

    *Thank you for the comments! I love reading comments :)

    Happy New Year!


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