Friday, December 3, 2010

Some of My Favorite Childhood Christmas Presents Remembered

Can you remember a few of those really SPECIAL presents that appeared under your tree on Christmas morning? I thought I'd share a few of mine with you...

This little plush Smurfette, I remember very well. I didn't necessarily ask for her, but I remember getting up very like 3 a.m. and seeing her under the tree, then curling up with her on the couch.

It was my habit every Christmas to get up in the middle of the night, take a peek at the toys, then go back to bed. My mom cured me of this by the time I was a preteen by wrapping all of our "Santa" presents so we couldn't see them. It took all the fun out of Christmas for me after that!

This was one of my fave gifts of all times and it got PLENTY of use, I'll tell ya that! Thousands of hours I would venture to guess!
I got this phone when I was 12 or 13 and I kept it all through high school and college.

Ahhh, the Barbies!
I remember this one very well! I had gotten up early once again and saw her under the tree. But there were two, one for me and one for my sister. The tags on them said that the one for me was silver and the one for my sister was gold. I wanted the gold one, so I switched the tags! Oh well, the early bird gets the worm I guess! lol

I loved Pink and Pretty Barbie!

This was a really special Peaches and Cream Barbie...I played with her for years.

Every girl in the whole world (well at least in my world) had a Panda Coin ring. I didn't usually get the "must have" stuff for Christmas, especially if it was expensive, but I did get one of these. I felt so special!

I soooo wanted to be Jem (still do! ha!) and loved this doll with her light up ear rings! TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!

I loved this little Hollie Hobbie doll and slept with her for years!

This wasn't necessarily a "special" gift, but a memorable one. I actually found my "fake" Cabbage Patch weeks before Christmas upstairs at my grandmother's house, in a plastic bag and that's the memorable part, having my snooping actually pay off! I can't remember being incredibly disappointed by getting a "fake" Cabbage Patch doll that year that they were THE hot toy of the world, because my parents already told us, "No way!" They weren't spending that much on a doll! But I remember appreciating the fact that they tried to get us something, even if it wasn't the real deal.

This was another really special "teen" gift that I kept white "cube" clock radio! I remember finding a top 40 station from a town that was like 2 hours away and feeling like I was in heaven! I specifically remember laying in bed hearing Paula Abdul's "Straight Up" on this little radio for the first time and thinking it was such a cool song! I'd also sit in my room and make little mix tapes (did you ever do that?) from songs I'd hear on this radio. Ahh...good times!

What were some of your favorites?


  1. I had the Peaches and Cream barbie! She and Malibu Barbie were my all-time favorite dolls. And then one year, Santa brought us the Barbie Dream House, we were in heaven! :D

    I also loved to make mix tapes, I babysat for a family that had a record player, cassette player combo and I could actually tape songs off of their records. Super cool!

  2. I still have my Jem doll with the light up earrings. When I was 5, a man named Jim was running for magistrate in our area and I sang her theme song an a radio station commercial for him.

  3. YES!

    Jem, cube radio and Peaches and Cream Barbie. I wanted a Cabbage Patch Kid soo bad. My parents bought a redheaded one for my Nana. I was jealous. :-)

  4. I remember one Christmas in particular. It was my turn to get the "big present" that year. I was around six. First my dad handed me a small package. It was a chalk board eraser. I was excited that I would get to help my teacher at school with it. My next small package was some dry erase markers. I had no idea what they were even for. I just thought they were fancy markers. Then he had me open the huge present leaning up against the wall. It was a dry erase board. My brother and I had hours of fun out of it playing school. Somehow, at some point it got broken, a huge crack down the middle, or I would probably still have the thing.


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