Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's in My Family Room Floor???

I've been "sick as a dawg" this week (you have to say it that way to get the full effect). Although I've had a couple of bursts of energy and have done a few household chores, for the most part, I've been camped out on the couch. For some reason, my daughter has been extra good this week. She's usually a typical, rowdy two year old, but maybe she senses that I'm not at my best, so she's toned it down a little. With that being said, she's still been dragging every little thing she can think of into the family room, right in front of me. Maybe to taunt me, I don't know...It's no fun being sick, but being sick and staring at all that crap on the floor, knowing that YOU'RE going to be the one to have to pick it up? Now that's just cruel!

Here's a list of said items on the floor as we speak...

2 year old girl
various plastic items from her play kitchen (croissant, hamburger patty, birthday cake, wieners, toast)
ice cream scoop
a pair of my tennis shoes
a skirt
a canvas shopping bag
spiral notebook,
Baby Eeyore
several books
a big plastic container that holds blocks (the blocks are in fact dumped out in her room)
toy blender
my broom (which she calls, "Ka-ween," meaning "Halloween")
a couple of DVD cases
scrapbook stickers
a fork
a puzzle
a piggy bank
a tea pot
and some trash....

Anyone want to help a sistah out? I'm too sick to care.....


  1. Has your little girl hit the "I love helping Mommy!" stage yet? Take advantage of it!

    Hope you feel better soon, Angie.

  2. See, this is when I get a broom, sweep it all into a pile (you can use the Ka-ween!) scoop it into a laundry basket, and shove it in a closet.

    Feel better soon sweetie!

  3. I am so sorry you are sick!!! I agree, sweep it into a closet via a laundry basket. When you feel better you can sort it out!

  4. Love your heart! I remember those days--not so fun. I hope you're feeling better soon! Until then, just celebrate the fact that everything's basically all in one place (minus the blocks). Lord willing it'll make cleaning up later much, much easier!

    Sending you feel-better hugs.....


  5. I'm sorry you feel bad but I have to laugh at the list of "things" on the floor. So nice your sweetie is being extra good for you! She's so cute!


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