Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Yay! I have 50 followers!

Thank you all for keeping up with me and my life. So many of you have come to be real, treasured friends that I feel like I've known for years. And that means more to me than you could know!

At what other time in history would we have ever been able to make the real time connections we're able to make via the internet? This really is a special time and I'm so thankful for this online community of wonderful women (and men) with whom I can share my life!

So in the spirit of sharing, I'd like to offer a few little goodies as a token of my appreciation!

To everyone who posts a comment, I want to send you a REAL thank you card (it's kinda my thang). When was the last time you got some happy mail?And when I send it to you, there will be info inside on how you can then send a free card to someone you care about. So we can all just share, share, share and spread the love around!!!

Of you who post a comment, I will draw the name of one person to win a Starbucks gift card so that you can have a little treat on me! I'll announce the winner a week from today!

Many continued blessings to you and lots of growth to our blogs!!!



  1. Ooohhh...Starbucks!

    And what are you doing posting, Miss? You're supposed to be resting!

  2. Angie, thank you so much for visiting my blog.. Makes me feel so good if I can be an inspirtation to someone.. You made my day!

    Oh my, it has been a long time since I've received ~Happy Mail~. That would be so sweet!

    Starbucks is my most favorite place to go to for my coffee!! Sooo good!!

    Have a wonderful evening!


  3. Oooh, oooh, I want some happy mail! LOL I really love the free card that I made on your site. It was really beautiful--and so easy to make. I loved getting to add my own pictures!

    As for the Starbucks...well, it's Starbucks! LOL And we now have one on campus where I work. I'm just saying! :0)

    Hope you have a wonderful day today. HUGS!!!


  4. Congrats on 50 followers, Angie! How sweet of you to offer a give-away!
    Blessings, from a fellow Ky girl (who knows EXACTLY what "sizck as a dawg" means, and how to say it!)


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