Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Famous BUSY Mom Talks About Having Your Own Home Based Business

This is a video of Kathy Ireland (the link is HERE), famous model and entrepreneur talking with the CEO of SendOutCards, Kody Bateman about being a busy mom and business woman and about how SendOutCards was a real solution for her. She also touches on what it means to her to act on promptings and reach out to tell the ones we love how much we care about them, which is what the foundation of SendOutCards is all about.

She is going to be the keynote speaker at the SendOutCards national conference in Salt Lake City at the end of the month. I've got my ticket to attend (but, um, not my ticket to ride...a plane that is. Still waiting on God to come through for that! LOL) and I can't wait to hear her!

I admire and appreciate women like her who work hard to achieve their dreams despite the obstacles. I hope you check out this video!

And if you have any questions about how you can make SendOutCards your business, just email me at angiehthecardlady@gmail.com

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