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Why I'm in Love With Sending Cards!

Do you send cards? I have always been card person for sure. It started in high school with giving and sending cards to boyfriends and my best girlfriends. I remember my friend Tonya and I would frequent the local Hallmark store and buy these certain cards that we liked that were super mushy! I bought TONS of those during my high school and college years!

Have you ever gotten a card in the mail that was not for a birthday or holiday, but that someone sent just for YOU because they were thinking about you? How did it make you feel? I especially love to send cards that are unexpected. It kind of makes me feel like I'm on a mission to purposefully make someone's day. It's so fun for me to give, but it always blows people away when they get a card in the mail out of the clear blue sky.

So if you feel good when you get a card in the mail, and I feel good, and I would venture to say that it makes most people feel good, then why don't we do it more often? I mean sending cards is easy, right? Wrong!!! It's not easy at all!

We all have good intentions, right? I mean, it usually goes like're sitting around one day a person who we care about or haven't seen in a while pops into our mind. We think, "I should get in touch with them, send them a card or something." And then what? The thought leaves your mind about as quickly as it came in, right? But let's just say that the thought lingers for a bit and you decide to go to the store to get them a card. Tell me this, how many times have you actually MADE A SPECIAL TRIP to go get someone an unexpected card? I can count maybe on a couple of fingers the times I've done it. So you didn't make a special trip, but you do find yourself at the mall at a card store or at Walmart in front of their card displays and you luckily remember your friend and think. "Oh yes, I think I'd like to buy them a card. That would really make their day!" So what happens next? You search the endless sea of cards (that have all been handled and touched by hundreds of hands! yuck) for a little display sign that says, "Thinking of You." And then all you find is mushy, lovey stuff when you're just looking for a nice sentiment..."hey thinking about you."

So, you keep on searching, reading card after card after card, looking for the perfect one. You finally find one that will do, but it's not really EXACTLY what you wanted to say, so you pick it up and decide to buy it. You look down at your watch and realize you've been standing there for 40 minutes trying to pick out a card! Has this ever happened to you? LOL

So then you go to check out and when the card rings up, you see the price...$3.95! For a card? Sheesh! That sweet sentiment you wanted to express to your friend is feeling more like a hassle now! LOL But you continue on your little card sending quest and press on. You get home, put the card on the counter with the rest of your things and forget about it...for several days (I've found cards in draws that I meant to send years and years later! Sad, I know.). Then you realize, "Oh wow! I've got to get this mailed out!" So you sit down to hand write a nice little note, because the card didn't really say all you wanted it to in the first place. You sign it, stuff the card in the envelope, address the front (when you finally find their address in that address book you put somewhere?) and realize..."Sheesh! I don't have a stamp!" By now, you're ready to just forget the whole idea and just toss the card altogheter (I have done this soooo many times ya'll.)!

So see...sending cards IS NOT EASY! And I know ya'll have been there too!There are a lot of steps involved from that first prompting to do something nice for someone, with all the best intentions to act and follow through, to actually making it happen. And most of the time, that opportunity to bless someone with that prompting from your heart is lost.

But friends! I HAVE FOUND THE ANSWER (insert heavenly angels singing...."HALLELUJAH!)! It's called SendOutCards.

It is an online greeting card company that takes out all those hassels that come with sending a card and does away with them completely! It's truly amazing!

Let me go through with you what it looks like to send a card using this system (and I promise it won't take 500 words like the other scenario!). You have a prompting in your mind to send some love out to your friend who just sort of popped in there. You log into your SendOutCards system (because you own it). You click on "Card Catalog." You click on "Expressions." You click "Thinking of You." You browse through the cards displayed on the screen to find a pretty picture on the front. Although most of the cards are already written out, you choose a blank one because you know exactly what you want to write. Write? You can write in these cards? Yes! You can say exactly what you want in your card!!! So you choose a nice cursive font, a pretty blue font color, the font size and you write your message...

Dear Mary,
I'm not sure why, but you were on my mind today. I just wanted you to know that although we don't get to see each other as much as I'd like, I still think of you and pray for you often. You are such a beautiful person, inside and out and I'm glad to call you my friend. Let's do a better job keeping in touch. I miss you!

Wow, how do you think Mary's going to feel when she gets THIS card?! And you were even able to sign your own name because you created a font with several of your own signatures (how cool is that?). You also realized that you have a picture saved of you and Mary in a file from that time you took that road trip, so you decide to pop that picture into the card as well (yes, you can even add pictures to your card!).

You click on "continue" when you're satisfied with your card and are then sent to a screen to fill in Mary's address. But because you already entered in all the names from that elusive address book of yours into your SendOutCards Contact Manager, you just bring up her name and then click it and it's all addressed and ready for you. The next thing you do is click "continue" and it will send you to a screen that tells you how much your card cost. You created a two panel greeting card and added a picture, so your card cost you .93 cents plus the cost of a stamp (Yeah, I know! Unbelievable price, huh?). You then click on, "Send" and your card is then printed, stuffed, addressed and stamped for you. And your beautiful, custom, personalized, heartfelt greeting card is on it's way through the mail to Mary.

So how was that process compared to the other one? It doesn't compare. From the time you had that first prompting to reach out in kindness to your friend, till the time you clicked "send," you literally only spent about 2 minutes of your time. Isn't that incredible? You literally only had to make a few mouse clicks to do what it may have taken weeks to do before. And the card says exactly what YOU wanted it to say, has your signature, has a picture of you and your friend, you never had to leave the house to send it, and it's going to BLOW HER AWAY!

And that's why I decided to SHARE this system with EVERYONE I KNOW (including my cherished blog friends) because I want EVERYONE to know how easy it is to send this kind of love, joy and positivity out to the world! I chose SendOutCards as my new home-based business because it's genius, it works, the cards are beautiful and because it's so easy to share. Look folks, I aint a salesman! LOL I don't like to SELL stuff! I'm very uncomfortable with it to be honest.

Now, you didn't "give to get" when you sent this card to Mary. You, from your heart, just wanted to reach out in love to her. But what do you think is going to happen? Mary is going to call you GUSHING about that card! She's gonna want to know how in the world you did that?! And then, because you own the system and have also made this a home-based business, you tell Mary that you'd love to give her a free Gift Account and walk her through sending a card to someone she cares about. And you then show her that this is a business opportunity as well and that she can send cards and teach others to send cards. It's that simple and it's NATURAL. People giving and sharing and continuing the circle. That's why I love this! And the response I've gotten from sending my OWN cards has been overwhelming! It feels good to know that you've made someone else feel good!

I want YOU to be a sender of cards too! If you've been interested in investing in a home-based business, but don't have time for parties, shows, inventory, dealing with money, orders, etc., then this business is PERFECT for you.

Please email me and we'll set up a time for YOU to send out a free card to try the system out. No pressure, no salesy stuff, just information for you. You're going to love it!

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