Thursday, June 3, 2010

Can Your 2 Year Old...?

Ok, it's bragging on my baby time. As if I didn't think she was the cutest and sweetest little thing on the planet, now I'm convinced she's also the smartest! Sure she hasn't even a clue what it means to "pee-pee or poo-poo" in a potty yet. Sure she's not speaking in full sentences or asking for things or quite feeding herself properly, but this child is AMAZING me with some of the things she knows!

Keep in mind that she just turned 2 a couple of weeks ago and was doing this stuff well before her second birthday. But my little GG can count all the way to "tirteen" by herself and recognizes every single number. She can also "say," not "sing" her ABC's all the way through and recognizes EVERY letter. The other day my husband was wigging out because he hears her, sort of to herself saying, "cinco, ces, ciete, ocho, nueve, dies..." She was counting in Spanish! So then he prompted her to start from, "uno" and she counted all the way through to 11! I don't even know the Spanish word for 11 but she apparently does!

So there you go. She's a genius with letters and numbers. But she's a WHIZ with feelings and emotions! She comes to me if she doesn't like something with a sad face and says, "Sad, sad, crynin." Then it takes me a few minutes to investigate and see what's bothering her. When her daddy comes home from work, she runs through the house yelling, "Happy! Happy!" Or when he scolds her for something, she looks at him all concerned and says, "Mad?" How empathetic and in tune with her feelings and the feelings of others! *SIGH*

And it doesn't stop there folks, oh no. MY child also recognizes all her colors! And I wasn't even aware that she knew the color, "pink." But while changing her pink shirt the other night before bath time, she points to her shirt and says, "pank?" I was like, "Oh yes, she's definitely my hillbilly daughter!" LOL Proudly proclaiming that her shirt is "pank," just as country as ever!

And while in the Dr.'s office the other day, she wowed the nurse practitioner on the developmental test they gave. GG could point to the animal she asked for, she could point to the color she asked for and she could even point to the line that was slightly "bigger" than the one next to it. And it also amazes me on a gross motor level that G can jump, bringing both feet off of the floor. She squats like a frog and does a full-on JUMP in the air! I know first hand from doing preschool gross-motor skill testing for Head Start that a lot of 3 year olds haven't mastered this skill, let alone a just barely 2 year old.

Right now, the Backyardigans is going off with the credits running and she's repeating over and over so that I'll repeat back to her, ""Blue? Blue?" Because the screen on the TV is blue. So I say, "Yes, it's blue." Then as the show closes and fades to black, she starts calling out, "The end. The end." I'm telling ya' child's a genius! *SIGH* I love her!

Now if I could just get her to direct her poo-poo to a potty, we'd be set!!!


  1. I think I would have to agree with you Angie. She sounds like a little genius at 2! I love that age where the sky is the limit and their brains are like sponges! Keep up the good work.

  2. Brag away, Mama! What a little genius you have. And a wonderful blessing.

  3. Sounds like a genius to me too!



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