Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tea Party in the Toilet

Yesterday was a really heinous day for me. It was Friday, so I was soooo ready for the weekend (and for daddy to come home!). I hauled the baby out in the snow to go get groceries (always exhausting) and after her nap, she was into EVERYTHING! Take a look for yourself!

It's a good thing you're so cute!


  1. Hey Angie!

    OH MY GOSH! I can't imagine! My kids never did that. I would have freaked out! She sure does look happy playing in the toilet though.


  2. So funny! Jack tries to get in the bathroom every chance he gets. And his favorite is the toilet. :)

  3. Over here, it is LEGOS swimming where they don't need to be...
    One word: Toliet tongs.


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