Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Little Piece of Heaven!

Doesn't this look nice? is. It's actually too nice!

Sometimes I feel a little self-indulgent for enjoying our hot tub so much. But I REALLY do enjoy it. I feel a little better knowing that I didn't just go out and spend the money on such a luxury myself (although I've always wanted to and am not condemning anyone who does...if you have the money...go for it!). It came with the house...and so did a pool...and a beautiful sun room. We haven't used the pool yet (can't wait for summer!), but we've thoroughly enjoyed the sun room and the hot tub. It feels so good to get out there at night with my hubby. Since we've been using it, we have become so much closer. We get out there and talk...and actually "listen" to each other. It's been so nice and good for our marriage. I guess we just needed something that would help draw us closer. We rarely go out on dates anymore and are usually wrapped up in a TV show or on the computer at night to pay as much attention to each other as we should. I bet a lot of couples can relate. That's why I say EVERYONE needs a hot tub in their backyard! It's probably a lot cheaper than marital counseling! LOL

So I just wanted to post a little something to express how blessed I feel. We have a very modest home that we are comfortable in and happy with, and certainly don't "need" all these things. But for whatever reason, the Lord saw fit to give us a few extras to enjoy.

I'm so thankful.


  1. I'm so glad that God blessed you with something that brings you & your husband closer. You're right, a lot of marriages NEED something like that. Maybe when our "ship comes in" we'll get us one, although I'd much rather have the pool! Have a blessed weekend.

  2. I love that-it looks so inviting...
    I am glad you shared about it-I am happy for you!!!

  3. That is absolutely so wonderful my friend. Enjoy !


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