Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Heaven Help Me

Well, one of my greatest baby fears (one of many) happened today. My 21 month old daughter opened the front door and got out by herself! I had been out myself, loading up the car so I wouldn't have so much to carry out, and when I came in, was careful to pull the storm door closed so she couldn't open it. I then realized that I needed to make her a drink before we left for our errands. So I went into the kitchen and turned on the water to wash one of her sippy cups. That's when she did it! I didn't even hear the door open for the running water. But it sounded too quiet, or that 6th sense came over me, because something just FELT wrong. So I turned off the water and went to the living room and saw her blanket at the front door. I knew she had gone outside. I just bolted out the door and my little baby girl was RUNNING at top speed up the sidewalk! She was all the way to the neighbors house and laughing hyterically all the way! I took off running after her as fast I could because she was just a couple of feet from the road. When I caught up to her, I scooped her up and scolded her profusely and cried the whole time! I wonder how far she would have gotten if I hadn't caught up to her? I don't want to think about it! I just kept hugging her and didn't want to let her go. All these crazy images kept scrolling through my mind. I won't go through them for you. If you're a parent, you've played them out in your mind too. But I was scared to death and just so glad that she was OK. Well, I learned today that she can now open the front door by herself and that she will gleefully take off away from mommy. Heaven help me!


  1. Hey Angie!

    Thank God you found her when you did! My 5 yr old boy tried to do that too when he was that age. I was in the shower! Now before we had him we had changed the locks on our front door to where you have to have a key to get out. The key was hanging above the door. He got a table and pushed it up against the door and actually got the key down! He then put the key in the door but he couldn't figure out which way to turn it just right and he didn't move the table so the door wouldn't open. That is what I came out of the shower to find! A couple months later he got out the garage door! He took the pop cartons and stacked them so he could reach the button to open the garage door! I'm fortunate that I do live in the country so I don't have to worry much about cars and I do have 2 dogs that would have stayed right with him. He wasn't out long before I found him.

    I hope she doesn't do it again!


  2. my 2 yr old son did this to me and my hubby a few weekends ago.thank GOD we live in the country and only our immediate family are our nieghbors. I was inside cleaning and the kids were out with him.. he thought he came in and i thought he was outside. he was only "missing" five minutes tops but that little bugger was a quarter of a mile up the road/drive way when my hubby found him.Little kids are SO fast.. so now we have to REALLY keep a close eye our for him.if he would have went the other way from our house he would have been in the lake. It really scared me and when we get our taxes back we are building a fenced section of our back yard.

  3. That is scary-My second son was excited to figure that out...until he got home, and was in trouble with me.
    If it is a safety issue-I come down hard...
    Good luck-and you are in my prayers! How scary!

  4. I can only imagine your fear! Thankfully it ended with just tears and scolding and nothing more. Thankfully now you are also aware so you can take whatever necessary precautions. (hugs)

  5. My son did the exact same thing the summer he turned two....in a split second he was out the back gate while my back was turned, and I didn't know he could open the gate. Mine was also running full speed down the sidewalk and it was all I could do to catch him! I know just how you feel, have you recovered yet? Needless to say, my next trip was to a hardware store to buy a chain with a lock to put on the back gate. Thank God both of our babies were ok!

  6. I cannot even begin to think about what was going through your head!
    I am so glad to know that both of you are safe and sound now.
    Whew... God knew what he was doing when he tapped you on the shoulder today.
    Many Blessings as always

  7. I am so glad that Gabby was okay and that you caught up with her quickly. I know that had to be absolutely terrifying for you.

    Sending you lots of hugs....



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