Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Nougat

I was just thinking today that it just didn't feel like Christmas yet. I put up the decorations, I've shopped some, I've baked, we went to see Santa, I've reflected on the birth of Jesus, and I've even turned my radio to the "All Christmas, all the time" station. So, why don't I feel "Christmasy?"

Then it hit me...Brach's Christmas Nougat! I haven't had any of that delicious, chewy, buttery, pepperminty, cheerfully decorated candy that just tastes like Christmas in my mouth! Have you ever had them?

My grandmother has been buying these since before time began...I usually have several (ok a handful) at her house on Thanksgiving (that's because she keeps them frozen in her deep freeze year round...she's the queen of frugality) and I can feel the Christmas cheer kick in by way of the peppermint! But I didn't eat any this time for some reason. Oh yes, I believe I was very preoccupied with a sleepy baby.

Anyway, I'm debating on whether or not to go buy a bag or to just wait until Christmas Eve when I'm back at the ranch to sample grandma's...they would probably taste better at her house, wouldn't they? But the last time, which was many years ago, that I got a hankerin' for Christmas Nougat and bought it on my own, I ended up getting the wrong kind...spearmint! Bllleck! It was not Christmas at all...more like the dentist's office!

But I'm just not real sure I can wait 'til Christmas. I may just have to have my grandmother on standby when I go into the Kroger to get them!


  1. that is one of my FAVORITE candies too!!

    Buy a bag - or if you are me - buy 4!!!

    Ahhh Kroger -I wish we had them here in NC - cause I would be buying Christmas Nougat and Peppermint Ice Cream - YUM!

  2. Yay, I won the CD! Maybe I'm dumb, but how do I email you? I have been looking for the address, but can't seem to find it.

  3. I am so deprived! I never had these growing up!

  4. Oh these are the best things ever! I always buy them reduced after them!! Is it an Eastern Ky thing?


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