Thursday, September 24, 2009

TN House Pics...Spare Bedroom

Now that I've finally got my computer up and running correctly, I just wanted to share some pics of my home with you. This is our spare bedroom. It's remained the messiest room in the house for many years because it's my closet and our whole family's personal dumping ground! Only when we were ready to sell the house, and start showing it did I clean it up and decorate a little. Isn't that a shame? I could've been enjoying this room all these years. I won't make that mistake again in my new house!

A shot of the spare room at night with the lamp on.
I love this Wal-Mart rug I bought several years ago.
I actually like calling this my "spare oom" because I have this big ol' wardrobe in there (get it? "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe?"). I bought it at a junk store for $60! It's supposed to have a mirror, but I covered the plywood panel in the center with fabric. The wood veneers on the sides of the wardrobe are splintered and broken off in places, so I've wanted to cover them with beadboard and paint the whole thing white. Maybe that'll be a project when I move!

A friend let me have this pretty little night stand. I love the oval mirror. It goes really well with the dressing table which also has an oval mirror.

I salvaged this hundred+ year old door from my mother-in-law's flooded house before they tore it down. I've seen a lot of people turn these old doors into baker's racks, shelves, headboards...but I'm going to make mine into a hall tree for the new house. I didn't have anywhere to store it while the house was showing, so I stood it in the corner and hung a wreath on it. The rocking chair in front of it and the lamp were gifts from my friend's yard sale (well, the rocking chair was). It's a lot of brown, but I think it's pretty cute.

This is another old table that a friend gave me. The basket, the hobnail lamp, and the McCoy planter were all from yard sales.

This is the dressing table that matches the wardrobe. Also bought from the same junk store for $60. So, both pieces for $120!

I got this Waverly bedding at Target when I first bought this house 6 years ago. I found the same Waverly pattern in some beautiful, ruffly curtains at Big Lots around the same time. I didn't use them in this room because I only have one set, but I'll definately use them in my new house because that guest room only has one window. I just love the cool white and purple. That's why I want to paint the other furniture white. I believe it will look better all together than the dark wood.


  1. Such a beautiful bedroom! The bedspread looks very similar to ours. Did you see our bedroom in the post about DJ's nursery, with the deep purple wall behind the bed? I love purple and white too - it's such a refreshing color combination.

  2. Yes, you had better have your spare room like this and really enjoy your next house! LOVE that old door!!!!!


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