Monday, August 3, 2009

RIP Pizza Stone : (

So Sad...

Just wanted to pay tribute to my first Pampered Chef baking stone. He died today from a fatal fall. He's fallen (or been dropped) many times, but today's blunt force trauma was bad enough to cause irrepairable damage. I nearly cried when it happened. He was my very favorite piece of kitchen equiptment. To some of you, this post may sound a little kooky, but if you're a die hard Pampered Chef stoneware devotee, you know exactly what I'm talking about and you feel my pain.

I can't even remember how long ago it was that I got this stone. Maybe ten years or so, give or take. It has been my GO TO piece of baking equiptment. I used it for everything, pizza, fries, cookies, or anything that needed reheated. That's why he had such an awesome color...that dark black that all Pampered Chef stoneware owners covet! That color and smoothness means the stone has seen a lot of love and is perfectly seasoned! I have MANY, MANY other pieces, but he, small round stone, was my first pick. Large round stone has not seen near as much love, so he's still a pale, icky beige, not that deep mahogany that is the hallmark of a truly great piece of seasoned stoneware!

I used him just yesterday to reheat some leftover Chinese food...eggrolls, crab rangoon and wontons, because I knew they'd crisp right up on my stone. I was washing him and putting him away when I dropped him on the floor. He's never broken before, but today his number was up I guess. I know he's in stoneware heaven right now.

Goodbye old friend, you served me well.


  1. Oh, that pizza stone did look wonderful, I love the look of the seasoned stone, how sad for you to have broken it! I have just recently bought a large pizza stone, and to my horror it does not fit in my oven! the oven door does not fully close when the stone is inside! :-(

  2. Angie - just a little tip that might ease the pain of your loss :)

    Wal-Mart sells large terra cotta pots with separate bases, and the base works great as a pizza stone. It was also very cheap - only about $6.

  3. Hi Angie, thanks for your comment on my Blog, and your tips about my pizza stone, it is not a Pampered Chef stone, I've never even heard of Pampered Chef. Perhaps they do not sell their stones in Australia.

  4. Oh, it made me sad just looking at the poor thing. I love my PC pieces, I only have two, but I love them, lol!


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