Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My First Baby Shampoo Purchase!

So if you've read my blog from the beginning, you would know that I was very blessed to have friends, family and coworkers who all gave me wonderful baby showers...7 of them to be exact. I received gifts of all sorts in mass quantities...diapers, wipes, clothes, cloth diapers, bibs, burp cloths, bottles and on and on. I also got many many different types of lotions, body washes and baby shampoos.

So, I just had to write a post about just how amazing it is that I'm just now (almost 1 year and 3 months later) buying my child shampoo! Now, this wouldn't be at all imressive if my child had a normal head of hair, like most sweet, bald headed, or mostly bald headed babies. But oh no, my baby has hair that goes half way down her back! You could see her hair swaying in the amniotic fluid in the ultrasound pictures! Her hair was 4 inches long at birth and just continued to grow and grow, despite all those well intentioned nay sayers who quipped that it would all fall out, or wear off. I told them all that I didn't think it would. And of course I was right!

I was stunned at just how much shampoo I needed to wash this child's hair. It didn't take a small dime size dallop, it took a whole handful of shampoo to get a good lather! And I have to wash it every other day or so...more if she gets food, or milk or spit-up, or dirt in it (which is quite often).

So coming back to my point. I have used A LOT of shampoo over the past 15 months on GG's long, thick hair. And guess what? I'm just now running out! Just another example of how good God is and how he has provided for our family in every way over the past year. It just amazes me!

Below are pics of GG after having her hair freshly washed and brushed. You can see what I mean about the hair and how crazy it is that I'm just now having to buy shampoo! The blessings are overflowing!


  1. Her hair is so pretty! She should be in a Johnson's commercial.

    My kids were both born bald as peaches, but I always loved to rub their silky soft peach fuzz. For a while there, Cakes even had a little mohawk going!

  2. Seven showers? You go girl!! :-)
    Her hair is so soft and sweet.

  3. Wow, she really has thick hair for such a little thing. Beautiful!

    My oldest used to put his food on top of his head after every meal (when he was a toddler) and then he'd cry when I washed his hair. I kept saying "Then don't put your food on your head!"

    I saw your pizza stone, and we have never used ours. Isn't that unbelieveable. We've had it for years and not used it once!

    That's funny about the vacuum. You don't see those anymore. I'm impressed that yours is still working. They made them good back then!

  4. Her hair is so pretty and looks auburn in the pictures-love that.

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