Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My First Crafty Project and Kitchen Pics

My first finished craft project in many, many years! I've been really inspired by some of my favorite bloggers to get "crafty!" I have a few BIG projects in mind for later, so little projects like this will help give me some confidence I think.

At Like Merchant Ships, she says to "use what you have." So, to fill an empty spot on my kitchen wall, I went looking! There on my back deck were these little flower pots in their rusted ivy holder. My mom gave me these probably 4 or 5 years ago and I never used them. Before I cleaned them up, they were filled with dirt and bugs and had spider webs all over them. I kind of like the rust, so I left it. I didn't have any paint or ribbon or trim to dress them up to fit my red and green kitchen. But, I did remember that I had a red checked gift bag that would probably work to cover the pink flowers. Here's what they looked like after I cleaned them up. Here are the materials I used to decorate the pots. I love the checked bag. I just cut stips of the bag to fit around the lip of the pot, and taped them on.
I'm pleased with it. I used fake ivy until I can get some little pots of real ivy. Here it is hanging on the wall. Cute!

Here are a few pics of my kitchen. I love this glass light catcher. I get evening sun through the kitchen window, so I love the colorful light it casts while I'm cooking dinner!

Here's another pic of my new project and my green and red curtains. I got all the curtains for my kitchen at JC Penney on deep discount. It's my favorite place to find good quality, stylish curtains. These were about $8 for two panels. The valance was about $8 as well. I love them!

This was a unique, inexpensive fix if you want a change for your kitchen tile. I wanted to go with red and green and a Tuscan feel in my kitchen. It was country blue and butter yellow. The tile backsplash was white with a country blue strip. I have a good friend who is an artist and she does beautiful murals. I asked her to paint a Tuscan scence on my tile backsplash. All I had to do to prep was paint on an oil based primer and then paint a cream color base coat. She came in, and once she got going, it took about an hour (she's quick!) to paint the scenes. Over the stove I wanted a scripture that was uplifting and talked about the goodness of God. I love the murals. I know that my kitchen is one of a kind.
My "Cucina" (kitchen) sign. On the other set of cabinets, I have one in black that says "Amore." I do love my kitchen.


  1. You did good! So great that you looked around and used what you had. Love me a free project! Can I tell you how much I adore your painted backsplash?! It adds such a personal touch to your kitchen. I also love the curtains! JCPenneys does have wonderful window treatments. Hope you have a good day! Oh, why don't you leave your neighbors a note on their door? That's probably what I would do!

  2. I love your kitchen too! The painted tile is awesome. I am trying to incorporate more scripture around my home to remind me of the truths I hold so dear yet fly out the window when things get hairy.


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