Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Word of God Speak/ Your Calling

Just some encouragement for you from the overflow that the Holy Spirit has spoken to me today.

Know that you have special calling on your life.

Know that you are anointed for very specific things, designed by God.

Know that it's okay not to do everything everybody else does, especially if you're not anointed to do it.

Know that YOU are the only person who can be YOU. Nobody else could ever be a better you than you can. Conversely, you cannot be somebody else, so why even try or covet what they can do? BE YOU! God will bless you as you walk in your specific calling and anointing.

You are a treasure to God and you DO have a purpose.

Listen to what He's telling you....He is speaking in all kinds of ways, just like He did for me today!

Watch this video and be encouraged....

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