Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Embarrassing Secret

After much consideration, I've decided to share a secret with you (linking up with Nan's "Making Your Home Sing" Meme)

It's quite embarrassing actually, but I'm going to share anyway. Maybe you have the same issue I do and can relate in some way.

And here it problem.

I am addicted to this Youtube video.

Yes, it's a cleaning lady washing a kitchen sink, narrated by a fella with a thick, heavy accent that I can't quite identify (sounds to me like Billy Crystal doing Fernando Lamas, "You look mahvelous!")

Strange, huh?

I'm not sure if it's the running water in the sink (I love the sound of running water, but feel too guilty to actually do it in my own kitchen. I always feel like I'm wasting. So, I live vicariously through Ms. Boston Quality Cleaning Services...she can run all the water she wants as far as I'm concerned.) that is so relaxing to me, or the anticipation of hearing Mr. Boston Quality Cleaning Services say, "Not only clean, but sparkling clean" just one more time, but there's just something about this video that keeps me coming back. I watch it nearly every night before bed because it makes me sleepy.

I's weird.

But it's not a complete waste of time. I've gleaned some usefulness from this video as well. I tried scrubbing my sink the way the amazing lady in the video does. AND IT'S NOT EASY! She really does work so fast and efficiently. When I tried her water tossing and rinsing technique, I got water all over myself, the counters, the floor, everything! And she rinses off all that soap in one fell swoop! It took me twenty minutes to get my sink all rinsed out! I even put on a pair of rubber gloves like she wears. But I got so much water in them, by the time I was finished making a mess cleaning the sink, my fingers had turned into prunes! I need more practice!

And if I were her, I may not have been able to keep my cool while Mr. Camera Man kept getting all up in my personal space and snatching my paper towels (Betcha didn't even notice that did ya? See! I told you I've watched this too many times!). He also snatches the the hand soap pumps...I hope he returns them before he leaves the offices of Metric Corporations in Brighton!

And my "polishing method" needs work. Or maybe my sink is just old. But it DID NOT "shine like a mirror" when I was finished.

However, it did end up "sparkling clean" so I think Mr. Boston Quality Cleaning Services would have been pleased. Because it was, "Not only clean, but sparkling clean." Again, you want it, "Not only clean, but sparkling clean."

You really can't emphasize the importance of "making it sparkle" enough. ha!

Do you have any favorite Youtube videos that you like to watch over and over? If so, feel free to share! Or keep your self-respect intact and keep it to yourself (unlike me).

Have a great week everyone! And shine those sinks (or just watch Youtube videos on shining your sink)!

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  1. Wow, that was A LOT of soap!!!!!! I was wondering if they were planning on performing surgery in the sink, lol! However, it did look good! :)

    Thanks so much for linking up to the "Making Your Home Sing Monday" linky party today and I think it's so funny that we both talked about sinks, lol!


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