Friday, July 5, 2013

Got An Unexpected Gift In The Mail Today!

Last night was a doozie!

My daughter rarely gets sick, so when she developed and ear infection a couple days ago, it threw us both for a loop. Ear infections are bothersome and certainly painful (I had one myself a few months ago), so I understood what she was going through.

Poor baby...I took this pic around and little G were both not looking for feeling very good. :(

She was literally up all night, crying from the exhaustion and the pain.

It was rough.

This morning, trying to get it together was rough.

So when I got a package in the mail, it was a welcome distraction and my mood perked up a little.

I had ordered some skin care products the other day, so that was what I was expecting to see when I opened the box.

But instead.....

I found a "thank you" card and BROWNIES!!!! WOW!!!

I did a favor for a friend earlier in the week, so to thank me, she sent me a gift. I was nearly in tears it made me feel so good inside (thank you Jane!).

On a day like today, I really needed to know someone cared.

The card and brownies were from Send Out Cards, an online greeting card and gifting service. Instead of running down to the Hallmark store or to Walmart for a card, a gift, then to the post office to post it and mail it out, this company has made it easy and affordable to just send cards and gifts from the comfort of your own home. They put it all together and mail it for you. "Click and order" again replacing "brick and mortar."

I have been sort of a "prodigal son" when it comes to Send Out Cards. Because they are a network marketing company, I signed on as a distributor and was building my own business with them. But I had been attracted to newer, flashier businesses that promised quick sales and big money, and I stepped away from Send Out Cards.

However, I found the other company to be pushy, and about things that are surface and superficial to me (not saying they are superficial in general, just superficial to me). So my interest in them faded quickly. But I never forgot Send Out Cards and longed to be a part of it again. The funny thing is, I had been seriously considering coming back to my first love and promoting that "culture of giving" like I used to do.

You see, I naturally enjoy encouraging people. And as proved to me today, nothing lifts the spirits more than receiving an unexpected card in the mail. And I quickly realized why I joined up with Send Out Cards in the first place. I love the message about giving not to get, but just giving for the sake of giving. And I LOVE the people in this company. ALL are givers at heart and the most positive happy people in the world to be around!

I just wanted to quickly share how that card made me feel know that someone appreciates you and cares about you is just priceless. And it makes me just want to pay it make someone else's day. 

If you're interested in starting this journey of giving with me, email me at angiehowardmusicatgmaildotcom or visit my Send Out Cards web page to learn more and let's chat! :)


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