Friday, October 12, 2012

I'll Have to Think About It: One of Those "Mom Things" You Thought You'd Never Say

I said it.

For the first time today, I caught myself saying something to my daughter that I had heard from my own mother more times than I'd like to count (don't you hate it when that happens?).

Little G got in trouble today. She peed on the couch (again) while wearing her brand new Halloween costume, which I, with a lot of stoicism, threw in the trash explaining to her that it could not be washed in the washing machine because it was too delicate. ha!

Of course I had every intention of pulling it back out, but I felt that she needed to learn a lesson.

She doesn't seem to care in the least that my couch now permanently smells like urine because she pees on it time after time after time. But I thought she would indeed care if she understood that now her favorite thing was ruined and had to be tossed out because she was too lazy or disobedient to go use the toilet like she's supposed to.

So, desperately inquiring about the outcome of the consequences (what was going to become of her costume) asked, "Mommy, what are you going to do?"

And I, knowing that the trauma of the suspense might just teach her a lesson replied,

"I'll have to think about it."

And I was right! A look of dread came over her face as I'm sure she pondered,




Some may call it unnecessary torture for her little 4 year old mind, but I call it,

one of the joys of parenting. :) 

Seeing them squirm a little bit is quite enjoyable.

So now I know why my mom smirked a little bit when she would proclaim, "I'll have to think about it." She liked seeing us squirm a little bit too.

So what became of the trashed, urine soaked Halloween costume?

We pulled out the care instructions that came with it and discovered that it could in fact be hand-washed.

So, I filled the kitchen sink with some soapy water and enlisted the help of one 4-year-old little girl and we hand-washed it together.

But she won't be trying it on again til Halloween, that's for sure.

And I can't wait for ya'll to see her.....

She is absolutely PRECIOUS in her costume...minus the big yellow pee stain.

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