Sunday, August 26, 2012

Something Silly, A Contest and Oh Yes....I FINISHED MY BOOK!!!

Yes my friends, this weekend, I finished all the writing of my long toiled over book called,

As you know, I've enlisted help from you brilliant and creative people to help me out with a subtitle. So far, I've gotten some great suggestions! I will list them all for you on a blog post later this week and then we'll have a vote.

I'll pick the winning subtitle from the top three. If you suggested a subtitle a couple of weeks ago, either here in the comments section, or on facebook, then you get your name entered into the drawing once. And if you vote, you get another chance.

And what is the PRIZE? It's a free download of my new book for you and a friend!


The past couple of weeks has been chock full of some pretty heavy stuff. My husband lost his job, we are going to have to sell our house, we are having to trust God for every single penny to just be able to make it and still, I find myself sometimes just laughing out loud about it all. The devil is trying his level best to knock us down, but he can't and he won't. God hasn't "dropped the ball" and he's going to help us finish to the end. We WILL win this game!

I'm in such good spirits, I find joy enough to take silly pictures of myself in the bathroom!

Here is my best Tina Turner/Mick Jagger impression....

Stay tuned!!!

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