Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Service Project Grand Total Announcement!

Hey everyone!

This won't be a long post. I wrote about my 30 day journey in trusting the Lord on yesterday's post.
But today is the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT DAY!

I started out one day, several months ago, bawling my eyes out, mad at God because He broke my heart for the children and families of Sudan and I felt helpless to do anything to help because my own family had been struggling financially.

But this morning, after a promise to God to trust Him for 30 straight days, for at least a dollar a day, I was on my bed again, counting up ALL the gifts that came in, this time jumping for joy and praising God!
And the GRAND TOTAL IS....

So what will this money do for the 
Mission Feeding program?
Your generosity will allow Mission Feeding to provide food for 38 children for 3 months!!!

I AM AMAZED AND HUMBLED! God has been so good and faithful. And you, my friends, have been good and faithful as well. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for blessing these 38 kids and easing their mother's worry for a time. That blessing will come back to you.

I'm also in prayer right now, asking God how I can continue to support this program, moving forward. 
Will you help me pray about that and act as the Lord leads? Thank you so much!



  1. That is so awesome, Angie! What an example to your daughter and others to follow God's nudging and not stop and say "No. What could *I* possibly do?"

    Because we can't do anything on our own but with God, anything and ALL things are possible!

  2. Hurray, Angie! $380 is more than 10 times the $30 you asked for! So happy to have played a small part.....


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