Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 6 & 7: Blessings, Left and Right, and a Song

I'm combining two days of this challenge into one post, because quite honestly, I didn't feel much like blogging yesterday. It was a rough day, so I had other things on my mind.

I know when we're trying to do good work for the Kingdom, we come under attack, and boy have I ever! But the good news is, I know whose team I'm playing for, and His team always wins!

Take yesterday (Day 6), I was wondering where my dollar was going to come from, but trying not to think of it too much. I was praying all day, not for the project, necessarily, other, personal things. But at my worst hour, God came through with a blessing that turned my attitude around in an instant!

In the mail I got several neat surprises! For one, my mother sent me a little package in the mail with a new dress for my daughter (cute) and a beautiful purple suit (it's folded, so you can't see the dress, but it's NICE!), that my sister bought me (she's so thoughtful and sweet!). I had wanted it for Easter, but it was $79.99, on sale from $99.99! So that was a big NO! But she put it away on hold (she works in that department store) for when it went on clearance. So after the clearance price and with her discount, she bought it for $8.00!!! Can you believe that? WOW! What a blessing! Thank you sissy!

Then, I got a couple other great surprises. One was a sweet card with $2.00 in it from a blog friend who is also a widow. One dollar was from her, and one was from her son. She expressed that even though it was a small "widow's mite," every little bit helps. And she is so right! That gift is certainly the biggest in the whole jar! Thank you Kathy...that was a treasure!

I also got another gift from a good friend from Knoxville, TN who sent a check for $31.00! My first $30 supporter! Only 32 left to go to reach our $1,000 goal! Wow! You and your family are amazing Christy! I know that with your family, you're on a tight budget like we are, but you managed to dig deep and give anyway. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

THEN, at 10:30 at night, there came a knock at my door and a good friend from my Life Group showed up with bags of groceries for us. I had asked for a ride from her to go get bread and pull-ups because I didn't have transportation. But she did even better. She came through with pull-ups, bread, milk, eggs, juice, mac-n-cheese, cereal, and other things. I was blown away! Thank you too Angie, for being my angel last night and for blessing my heart!

So, God showed up, BIG! His people were open handed and willing and were His hands and feet to me. I love you all!

Then today, Day 7, another miracle! My friend's (who brought the groceries) husband wanted to help me out as well. He knew that my other car wasn't running, and all it needed was a battery (last week, someone else gave to help us fix the big problems it!!!), so he wanted to bless us with a brand new car battery and install it for us. I was like, "What?" That is crazy! Do you ever just feel bombarded...literally showered with blessing? It reminds me of the verse, "His blessings will come on you and overtake you..." (Deut. 28:2) Which means, the blessing pretty much jumps on you and knocks you down!

And get this...this is the best part. When he came back from purchasing the battery, he hands me $20 and said that he literally found it in the Walmart parking lot! So, I took a dollar from that and put it in my jar! God provided again!!! Now the car is up and running and I had money to put gas in it to boot!

So, for my first $30 giver, Christy and for that precious "widow's mite" from Kathy, here is a song that speaks to how I'm feeling today....

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