Sunday, May 27, 2012

Into the Blue...or Milky Green As It Were

So, getting the pool ready is what we're doing this holiday weekend, as I'm sure a lot of other Americans are. Well, my husband is getting the pool ready, I'm kind of just watching him and offering encouragement and support, because it's a really frustrating job for him.

Last year, we never did get the pool beautiful and sparkling because we had one problem after the other with the pump. So, this year, we're forging ahead again and so far, it's going well. I'll keep you posted. Hopefully there'll be lots of pics of us swimming and getting some use out of it.

This is what it looked like 2 years ago, the last time we used it. We were in it nearly every day! All other times, this little duck swam alone.

Little G got this really cool kiddie pool for her birthday. It's been in the 90's here in central Kentucky, so she's been swimming all weekend.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

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