Saturday, December 3, 2011


Today we took little G to see Santa Claus. She was super apprehensive 


 (as you can see from the really fake, "not so sure about this" smile!), 

but finally felt comfortable enough to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas, which is.....

A purple Figit Friend. For a long time she wanted the green one, but she's changed her mind. I don't understand this toy, but my husband thinks it's awesome! My mother has already gotten her the purple one. I hope I figure out how to play with it...

Now this is more up my alley. I like dolls. And apparently she likes this one. 
I found them on sale at Meijer and got her one for $17. 
Most places I've seen have them for $19 and above.

And the weirdest of all, the Xia Xia crab (pronounced, "Sha-Sha"). This is supposed to be like a hermit crab thing with interchangeable shells and houses etc. But we just got her the one (the one pictured as a matter of fact). Every time the commercial comes on she squeals and jumps up and down! It's hilarious! I personally don't get this toy either, but she thinks it's really cool.

This is her posing and cheesing in front of the 
big Christmas tree at the shopping center where Santa was.

And posing with mama...

I'm just soooo excited about Christmas this year! This is the first year she really knows what's going on and is looking forward to a visit from "Santa!" But if the truth be told, I think I'm more excited than she is!

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  1. Angie, she's a doll! Enjoy this magical time of the year with her!


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