Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer Memories

I know it's not officially Summer, but when it's 90 degrees outside, bugs are biting, kids are jumping in the pool, and ice cream melts faster than you can eat it, in my opinion, it's pretty much Summer!

We are already enjoying one of Summer's great pleasures, the ice cream cone! My grandfather Dewey Nelson (we called him Papaw), used to take us kids to get a "frozen custard" as he called it. That's the old timey way of saying "vanilla soft-serve." But I believe I like "frozen custard" better! Back then they were only a quarter a cone. And he said that they were only $.10 when he was a kid. He loved them and would treat us every once in a while (he'd have to ask my grandmother for some change because she kept all the money! lol).

It was so fun piling up in his big ol' truck that smelled like motor oil and coal dust. He didn't care if we got ice cream on the seats or anything. My grandfather was one of the kindest, sweet spirited, easiest to be around people I believe I've ever known. And he loved his grand kids!


I only wish Gabby could have known him. She would have adored him. But we'll all meet in Heaven one day.  
And of course, there will be ice cream in Heaven!

p.s. Does my blog have cooties or something? I haven't gotten even one comment in WEEKS!


  1. Angie,

    I'm still reading!

    Sorry I don't comment more often. I'm often reading your blog on my phone, and the commenting feature won't work.

    It definitely feels like summer. I'm taking the kids swimming this Saturday. Hopefully we get a lot of that in this year.


  2. Lovely post Angie, your post about your grandfather reminds me of my grandfather, Roy Rawls who lived in Lenior City Tennessee. He had the roughest yet soft feeling hands.


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