Friday, March 25, 2011

First Salon Hair Cut!

I went to get a trim today from my good friend Kristi at the JC Studio in Versailles, KY. She did a great job! But my little G decided to hop up in the chair when I was finished and wanted a hair cut too! So we took advantage of her cooperation and Kristi clipped a little off the ends to trim it up a bit! She even let Kristi comb it out...that's HUGE! 

This isn't her very first haircut. I actually, out of frustration, hacked about 4 inches off several moths ago (she NEVER lets me comb it out without a fight!). But I left it jagged and uneven. My mom tried to even it up too, but it still wasn't great. So, to have a real stylist trim it up was a treat. Thank you Kristi for being such a good friend and for being so giving! We love you and will be back!


  1. She's so adorable :)

    My children have learned to never, EVER let Mommy near their hair with a scissors! I'm very bad at things like that.

  2. She's a beautiful little girl!


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