Monday, January 31, 2011

FOR LADIES ONLY!!! Some Fun Valentines Day Ideas For You and Your Hubby!

A few months ago I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Jennifer Degler, a clinical psychologist, author, expert on female sexuality and life coach here locally. She spoke to my MOPS group about a topic that is seriously important to married couples, but is hardly ever addressed in the Christian community...and that is SEX!

Jennifer Degler, Ph.D.

I'm not sure why it's not talked about more. Do pastors and leaders not think married couples do it? I mean, duh...we all do it! And if we're not doing it, I would say that's something that needs to be addressed. Because a healthy sex life in marriage is important. Again I say, "DUH!" (haha).

I loved the way she approached the subject...Biblically, clinically, professionally, tastefully but with humor and a whole lot of straight talk! I learned a lot actually (she even had diagrams...eek!). I won't go into that here, but there were some things I did not know about the female body. And that was one of her points. That there are A LOT of women who DON'T know a lot about their own bodies (and are afraid to ask or don't know what to ask) and therefore don't even know how to enjoy sex. So sad. It's 2011 for heavens sake!

I'm doing this post for Valentines Day a little early because I wanted to let ya'll in on some fun that you can maybe try in the next couple of weeks! I receive Dr. Degler's "Dare of the Month" from her website, "CWIVES" (Christian Wives). The dares are "suggestions" or "ideas" for married couples who want to spice up their marriages. Her Valentines dare is so fun. I'm not going to give it away because I want all of you to sign up to receive them too! (You can also follow her on facebook, HERE.)

And don't feel like you have to report back or let me know how it went...that would be a little TMI! (haha)

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