Monday, November 29, 2010

One Great Weekend!!!

This Thanksgiving was really special! Not only was it my birthday (this is the year I start lying about my age), but the food was extra awesome this year and my husband and I went away for a couple of days for a little R&R and FUN!

Here are some pics....

We started Thanksgiving Day off at Mamaw Flornia's house
(my grandmother). She's 82 and as feisty as ever!
We always eat there first, around noon and (most) my mother's side
of the family gathers there every year.
My mother makes the most incredible stuffing and turkey gravy in the world! I've been known to carry it with me to other people's houses to eat it there. Rude, I know, but necessary because none compares
to hers and I only get it once or twice a year, so why not
eat it as many times as I can?!
This is my mamaw (yes, we spell it like we say it) with my niece Ashley, my nephew Alex and of course, Gabs.

Next we headed to Bobby's family's for MORE food. His sister and her husband made the most delicious ham and a fried turkey smothered in a honey, butter, pecan sauce...UH-MAY-ZING! This is their daughter Zoe.

We snapped a few more pics of us...

So this is my favorite "after Thanksgiving Dinner" activity...THE NAP!
My child finally decided to take a little snooze around 4:30pm. She climbed up in my lap and laid her head on my chest and just fell out! Which was a good thing, because I was about ready to fall out myself! And we did for about an hour or so.

So, all I wanted for my birthday was a weekend away with my I sort of took it upon myself to make that happen! lol
But I did it all in secret as a surprise for HIM. I know, it's supposed to work the other way around, but I wanted to do this! So, to let him in on it, I sent him this card...
This was the front...

And this was the inside...pretty clever huh?
He was so excited when he opened it!

The next day, my sweetie and I drove down to Knoxville, from Eastern Kentucky to celebrate my birthday and see the Tennesse/Kentucky game. I arranged the whole thing of course, surprising him with tickets and booking the hotel. He LOVED it! He loves his Vols and hadn't gotten to see them play all season, so I was definitely his favorite person this weekend!
But on Friday night, we went to a movie ("Love and Other Drugs") and to eat at my favorite Japanese steak house, "Misaki." YUMMY!
These two pics were taken at the restaurant.

So in love!!!

Then on Saturday, it was off to Neyland Stadium to see the Tennessee Volunteers play the Kentucky Wildcats! This stadium is awesome! It's one of the largest college stadiums in the country and when it's filled to the gills with nothing but orange, it's just delicious!
But man was it cold! The temp was in the low 40's and when the shade came over our side of the stadium, I JUST ABOUT FROZE!
But a big, giant $5 cup of hot chocolate warmed me right up...yeah I know...5 bucks!!!??? But I would have paid $10 I was so cold! lol

This was an important game because TN has beat KY 26 (now 27) times in a row! So not only did we want to continue our winning streak, this game would have made us "bowl eligible." Which it did, cuz WE WON!

Can you believe these seats?!
We were 3rd row, 45 yard line!!!
I scored tickets from a (generous) friend of Bobby's
that wanted to give him his season tickets.
So kind of him because Bobby was
OVER THE MOON getting to sit there and see his
Vols bring home a victory!!!

And so was I, seeing him so happy!
I got my birthday wish...a wonderful, fun time, just me and my baby!


  1. What a great weekend you two hand ~ and you can tell how happy you all are together. I love this post ~ ♥

  2. How sweet! I love the new photos of the two of you!!


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