Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Secret (Indulgent) Wish...

I have a wish. It's a pretty indulgent, extravagant wish. I think those of you who are my frugal friends will gasp with astonishment and disbelief actually. But it is a desire of mine none the less...

I came to this realization today after making ANOTHER box of Hamburger Helper (that I burned), that I'm sick of Hamburger Helper and eating cheap, crappy food (no offense to those of you who love the stuff)!

I'm sick of clipping coupons too. I'm sick of picking up every single item at the grocery store and studying the price, wondering if I could find a better price somewhere else, or wondering if I should buy the name brand (that I like better) instead of the store brand which is a whole $.30 cheaper! ARHHH! It's maddening! I just want to be able to go grocery shopping and put what I want and like into the cart.

I want to be able to try fruits and vegetables that I've never tried before...even if they are $3.99 a pound. I want to buy the good coffee that's rich and flavorful instead of a generic brand that tastes like boiled tree bark. I want to buy the BIG box of Special K with strawberries, even if it is over 4 bucks. I just want to have to not think about EVERY LITTLE PENNY ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME!

So, do you wanna hear it? My self indulgent wish is to be able to walk into a "Whole Foods" store and just enjoy picking out any and all the fresh organic fruits and vegetables and groceries that I want! To be able to peruse the grains and nuts bins and try different oats and grains and beans. And to get out scoops of the nuts that I like without worrying that they are $5.00 a pound. I want to buy fresh organic meats and fish, imported bottles of bright green olive oil, healthy snacks and cereals for my daughter and those yummy potato chips that are made with sea salt and fresh cracked, black pepper. Mmmm.

So there it is...I said it. I want to shop at Whole Foods and never even once look at the price of what I'm picking up! I know, "GASP!"

Actually, everything in me seriously rails against this fantasy. I was not raised to be self- indulgent or frivilous with money, or one of those people who don't look at price tags! I mean, who are those people anyway? They are the ones who are wasteful, crazy spenders. They could be using their money for something useful instead of blowing it on $4.00 bags of chips!

But, I don't want to care if the salad bar
is close to 8 bucks a pound...

...or that the olive bar is
close to 10 bucks a pound

Secretly guys, I long to be one of those people. I'm not talking about crazy shopping, plunking down my credit card at the mall every weekend. Or taking weekly trips to Toy R Us to pick out a little something for the baby. Puh-leeze! No, I'm just talking about buying the good stuff at the really good grocery store instead of cheap ground beef and boxed dinners where the strange yellow powder is considered "cheese."

Call me crazy, but that's my wish. {sigh} maybe one day......

I mean seriously...would you rather eat this?

Or THIS glorious-ness?

I wish....I wish....I wish...********


  1. Ang...I hear you.

    I will say that you CAN have fresh, healthy food on a budget, but it does take more work, and sometimes you're just tired and Hamburger Helper is quick and easy. I understand. Really.

    We actually eat a very healthy diet, mostly free of processed food, but it's somewhat limited in variety. Nonetheless, we're quite content. I'm happy to share some tips with you, if you're interested.

    But yes. Sometimes it would feel so good to just buy what you want, without having to worry about it!

  2. I am SO with you on this one! I have never once been able to do this...mainly because as my kids have gotten older the food bill has become more expensive and I have to watch the money even closer. I could have said ditto to this post on every word.

    If you take Heather up on her tips you will have to share with the rest of us.

  3. this blog is hilarious and awesome! I laughed out loud with the picture of the hamburger helper. We have banned that stuff in our house.
    What you do is just change your budget to reflect what you want!
    Get rid of cable and spend the extra money on your groceries. We are getting away from the hormonized meats, trying to eat better produce, more nuts and grains too. The fact is, TV will not help you live til your 90 but good food will.
    Go for it Angie! Even sell more Pampered Chef to indulge your wish. Just shuffle your money to have it. Don't go in debt, like you said, but use your money in a way that you can!


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