Saturday, August 7, 2010

If You LIKE IT, You'll DO IT!

I don't know if I've ranted on here about my prepubescent skin issues! UGH! I swear, ever since I had a baby, my skin has reverted back to its 14 year old, zitty, oily, breakout prone self! I've been absolutely miserable dealing with it! I know a lot of it has to be hormones gone awry, but I must admit that I do not have a disciplined skin care routine. I have a pretty expensive skin care set from Arbonne, but I have never liked it, therefore I don't use it. My skin seems to be sensitive to an ingredient in it because because my skin gets really red and hot after I use it...especially the moisturizer, which is what I need most. It makes the blood rush to my face and actually makes me sweat. I hate it! I mean, what's the point of putting on moisturizer if it makes you all sweaty and makes your make-up run?
So, I admit it...I don't take care of my skin like I should.

But there is HOPE!!!

My sister works at the Clinique counter at her local department store and has given me lots of samples of their skin care line and I am LOVING IT! I have not seen a zit or had a breakout all month and am just soooo thrilled! The one thing that I don't love is that it's fragrance free, but my sis says that fragrance is the #1 irritant in skin care lines and that Clinique chooses to leave it out of their products for that reason. One thing I really love is the everyday scrub. I've needed some sort of exfoliating cream and it's been great! So needless to say, I've actually been using the entire Clinique skin care line everyday and have seen a big difference in my skin! And this stuff does not make me sweat! YAY!!! : )

So I figure if I really like something, I'm more prone to use it. I just wish I hadn't spent all that moolah on Arbonne. Oh live and you learn!

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