Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random Thoughts...Shampoo and Boobs

As I was taking a shower this afternoon, I realized something that was just amazing to me...a real life, Oprah type light bulb moment in fact. I realized that the expensive bottle of Pantene I bought for myself a while back has seemed to last FOREVER!!!! Now, if you read my other blog, SAHMBIE CHRONICLES, you're probably thinking, "Well of course it has lasted never take a shower!" LOL But no, smarty pants, that's not it. You see, when I bought that bottle of $4 shampoo and conditioner, I also bought my hubby (who does take a shower every day) an $.89 bottle of VO5 so he wouldn't use up MY shampoo. And you know...I realized today that it has really worked!!! This bottle of Pantene has lasted for several months! So to all you ladies out there whose fellas are using their expensive salon or drugstore shampoo, trust me...they really could care less! Buy them a bottle of Suave or VO5 or White Rain and they'll never know the difference. My FRUGAL contribution to blog world for the day!

So while this was fresh on my mind, hair up in a towel, I sat down on my couch to write this post and turn on The Rachel Ray show. And I just had to ask ya' I the only one who is confused by her boobs? I swear, they're like 3 inches from the base of her neck and seem to be really short...not that "long" boobs are all that desirable...every woman who's lamented over that area going "south" will attest to that! But hers just seem stunted somehow? I don't know? But if this area is not all that flattering, then why does she wear these low cut shirts all the time? It just weirds me out and I just stare at them throughout the whole show...trying to figure them out???

I told ya'll this was random...but so am I sometimes. So there you go! LOL


  1. My husband thinks Rachael Ray is scary looking in general. He says she has "fried egg" breasts, and also looks like the Joker from Batman when she smiles.

    I told him that it's a wonder he chose me, considering how particular he is, and also it must be nice to be so perfect!

  2. Well, I have never even noticed Rachel Ray's boobs....guess I'll have to pay attention now!! :)


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