Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

I'd like to thank you for the sweet comments and for sharing your own personal "My kid has gotten away from me too" stories! They have been such an encouragement.

We had such a nice (busy) Easter weekend. On Saturday we went to our church for the earliest service they had, which was 4pm (they added a few to accommodate the crowds), then we were off to the mountains of Eastern Kentucky to spend Sunday with our families who just couldn't wait to see GG and do some egg hunting!

We went to church with my family, had an egg hunt (or 3), ate dinner, then headed to my husband's family's house to do it all again! We're really blessed in that our families live in the same area, so we don't have to travel too much. Then, we packed up and made the 3 hour drive back home later that night. We were exhausted, but we had so much fun! Here are some pics of our precious little girl in her hot pink Hello Kitty dress, and one of our little family. I hope you had a wonderful Resurrection Day! HE'S ALIVE!


  1. hi angie,

    your daughter is so sweet.

    i was just reading your previous post, too. SO FRIGHTENING. my youngest wandered away at a playground one afternoon and we didn't find him until almost dark. so terrifying. he was hiding in a tree stump. i still shudder when i think about it.

    love the photos.


  2. Glad you had a nice Easter. G looks beautiful in those pictures. I love her expression in the second one.



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