Friday, March 5, 2010

Men Are Babies!

I had a revelation today.

You know, all the experts say that when you have a relaxing routine with your baby, he should fall asleep fairly easily. They suggest a warm bath in the tub, a nice bottle (or breast), and some soothing snuggles and love from their mother. Sounds nice.

Well, I didn't need an expert to tell me that my husband is exactly the same. All he needs is a nice dip in the hot tub, a half a bottle of wine and some good lovin' from mama, and he sleeps like a baby! : )



  1. Ha. Now that is a visual. lol

    Happy Saturday!

  2. yep... that is about it!!! ;)

  3. yup and when he gets sick he is worse than a baby

  4. This is very true. Men are very similar to babies. For baby DJ, all he needs is a full tummy, and for me to gently rub the bridge of his nose. He conks out every time.

    Same with my husband. Although he wants, erm...other things rubbed. I'll say no more.


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