Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pretty in Pink and Auntie Charis

Here are some pics of GG at her Nana's house on New Years. She's so cute in her pink coat!

I love this one...not sure what she's reading, but she looks really interested in it.

Thanks Aunt Charis Joy for taking these pics of GG.

It took us forever to choose GG's middle name. We finally decided to name her Gabriella "Joy" after her aunt, Charis "Joy." We kept it a secret until she was born. Here is Charis, just finding out that we named Gabriella after her. She and my husband (her brother) both got a little teary. It was a sweet moment.

The 2 "Joys."


  1. Hey Angie!

    Oh my gosh! Your baby was born with hair and a lot of it at that! You would have thought that with all of the heart burn I had while pregnant with my 2 kids they would have had hair like that but they were practically bald! lol

    That is sweet that you named your baby after Joy!

    Have a Great Day!

  2. That is super sweet how you picked her middle name. We did the same thing for our last son. It does mean a lot.

    She is looking so pretty in pink...just might be her color.

  3. Aww...she looks so pretty! I love the pics you posted. It is wonderful that Gabby shares her middle name with her aunt. We ended up making our daughter's name out of our mothers' middle names. LOL It was our way of honoring them. Totally sweet!


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