Thursday, December 17, 2009

New House Pics as Promised

Here are some pictures of our new house. Sorry it's taken so long. I got tired of looking for the USB cable to post my own pics, so I found these that the realtor took. My husband just ordered another USB cable, so hopefully I can post Christmas pics as soon as it comes in!

This is a pic of the little gated vegetable garden. I'm hoping I have the where with all to actually plant something and keep it up next spring and summer.

In front of that is a swing with wisteria growing over the posts. I can't wait to see it in bloom next summer!

No, we don't live in Florida. These were taken in the summer. This is a flower bed with a pond and fountain in the back yard. I'm thinking of digging it all up and putting in a swing set.

A view of the pool from the sun room. I love sitting out here! When it's sunny, it's the warmest room in the house, even if it's 30 degrees outside.

Sun room and patio.

These pics were taken of the former owner's things. They took their appliances with them. I didn't like the white, so I got all stainless. I'll post more of my own decorations later, but it pretty much still looks like this. I kept the same draperies and the pot rack.

The backsplash is a shiny tin material and the counter tops are Corian. The little island in the middle has granite on top...I love having an island. We left the color on the walls the same. Here it looks orange, but it's really a nice rust color. It goes well with the family room, which is a sage green (more pics of the family room to come).

Again, this is the previous owner's table and china cabinet, but I too have a round table and a china cabinet and hutch. I sort of don't like having the dining area in front of the fireplace, but my husband likes it, so it stays I guess. I'd rather have a small kitchen table (who uses their dining rooms anyway?) and put some comfy furniture in front of the fireplace. But, it's a no for now.

The view as you walk in the front door.


  1. Oh wow what a beautiful home!!!
    I love it so much!!
    A pool!!! how awesome!
    I am running out right now but will be back later to really check out the pics!!!

  2. My first thought was that you lived some place warm...thanks for telling us it was in the summer, so that I didn't have to go and be jealous. ;-)

    You have an absolutely gorgeous home! I am sure you are going to enjoy your first Christmas there this year.

  3. I am liking the new house! Love the cute yard, sunroom, and kitchen. I know it is so exciting to move into a new place and make it your own. I wish I had room in my kitchen for a cute island like yours. The picture you saw is just a print from an old calendar with botanical pics in it. I covered a mat with black and white checked wallpaper and the put the picture and mat in a framed I painted and distressed. I did it years ago and still love them (there are actually three hanging together.


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