Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Advice on Cleaning a Smoothtop Range????

You will never guess what I'm having a hard time getting off my new smooth cooktop...burnt water! Yep, that's right...water. It's like burnt into the glass or something.

I'm wondering if this new stove with the smooth top was a good idea if it takes this much effort to get off "burnt water!"

I bought the smoothtop cleaner and scrubbed with a scotch brite pad...and it didn't come off. Then I used the nylon scraper that comes with the Pampered Chef baking stones and that didn't work either.

Please...I need help!

Oh, and if you didn't watch the video I posted is a MUST SEE! You'll get chills! Jesus is awesome!


  1. I have a smooth top-elbow grease, and a certain chemical just for smooth tops-I have a scraper that is made for the smooth top-it is sharp, like a razor blade...Home Depot? Target? I am not sure...Good luck. I think the smooth top is more of a pain after having it for six years now...We fight over who is cleaning it all the time!

  2. My hubby loves to clean the cook top and it is always shiny... (when he does it it)I HATE to clean it!!!
    He uses ~WEIMAN Cook top~ and gets it at Walmart and some grocery stores and gets ALL of my messes up every time
    Good luck... oh and I watched the video before... AWESOME

  3. Looks like you already got some great tips. We had the same problem when we had one, but I honestly don't remember what we used. I just remember it being a pain. Good luck.

  4. Some people use scrapers and some use Weiman, I knew one woman who used 409. I do best with a wet dish cloth AS SOON as I spill over on it. I think a scraper will help after that.


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