Monday, November 30, 2009

Can Babies Curse?

Oh my poor little girl!

Today she dropped a heavy can of sliced carrots on her big toe! Ouchie!!! Mommy has told her MANY times not to get things out of the cupboard, but there's a lazy Susan in there that she just loves to spin around (irresistible to babies I guess), and lots of shiny cans that are fun to carry through the house and bring to show mommy.

Well, after she dropped the carrots on her toe, she starts squealing and crying (I would have too), so I grabbed her up to comfort her. In the midst of the wails and shrieks, she is jabbering away some sort of language that I can only compare to "baby cussing." Now, ya'll know that when you've stubbed your toe or by some chance dropped a can of carrots on it, you've probably let out some choice's just sort of involuntary. Well, that's what GG was doing. She wasn't just crying, she was yelling out some angry baby verbage, that I wouldn't dare repeat even if I could (well, since I don't speak 18 month old, I guess I can't), cause I know they probably weren't nice words. But I couldn't help but laugh in the midst of it all because it was so "grown up!"

Her big toe immediately turned black and blue, and although she was distracted by loves from Daddy and kisses from mommy, she would periodically grab her toe, furrow her brow and whimper a little. It made mommy sad all day. : (

In other news, today was "Making Your Home Sing Monday" and I think I've just about got the Christmas stuff up. So again, my home is "singing" Christmas carols. I just have the buffet to decorate, then I'm through. The problem is, I'm running out of Christmas "stuff" and I really don't want to go buy anything else. I'm going to have to be resourceful if I want to finish up the decorating. Oh, and as soon as I find my USB port, I'll be posting pics of my decorations.

Have a great week!


  1. Aww your poor little girl!
    I would have cried more than she did!
    I am with you on the pic posting I cant find our camera cord after the move and I have a whole camera full of pics to post UGG!!
    Thanks for your sweet post yesterday
    We are doing okay!
    Pretty much everything is in the room it is supposed to be in... just not exactly the way I want it but I figure we have 30 years to change things around!
    As for Christmas decorating I used only what I had on hand this year ~ nothing new
    After the move I realized that I need NOTHING :)
    Take care and kiss those baby toes!

  2. I have to laugh at the baby language, lol! Good thing you didn't know what she was saying and glad she's o.k.

    Have you thought about a thrift store? They are selling lots of Christmas stuff now, or maybe the $1 store?

    You look so pretty in that red lipstick and thanks for the linky love!

  3. "Oh ouch!!" Our youngest son did that when he was little with a soda can...he cried what seemed like forever. Hope all the kisses made it better.

  4. Ouch!
    and- P.S. Soap does the trick when they are a little older....

  5. Poor baby! That had to hurt really bad. I know that I would probably have cursed, so I suppose GG could too, in her own baby way.


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