Monday, September 28, 2009

TN House Pics...Master Bedroom/ Bath

I'm gonna warn you master bedroom aint nuttin' special. There are just too many things that I "never got around to doing," that I absolutely hate about it. But, there are things that I love too. But I do want to address the very bad wallpaper. It was one of those things that was here when I bought the house and thought I'd change one day. And six years later, I still find myself trying to decorate around it, because I just don't want to fool with removing wallpaper! It's ugly, I know. But at least I don't have to look at it anymore. And I know that the curtain rod above the bed is just not long enough...another reason it's always better to measure twice and "buy" once! And to those diehard decorators out there, I know I'm breaking some cardinal rules, like never put a TV, or a ceiling fan, or exercise equiptment in your bedroom. But hey, I LIVE here. My home is not a decorating magazine, it's a place where REAL people live. I happen to like watching TV in bed now and again, and having a place to retreat when my husband insists on watching football on the flatscreen in the living room! And I like to ride my stationary bike and watch TV. It goes by faster! And if I don't have some air circulating at night, I simply suffocate! So, those are the things that may not be so great about my master. So now on to the things I do like about this room. I do like the size of it. And although it's not the biggest bedroom ever, it is bigger than ANY of the bedrooms in the new house. So, fitting in this big funiture will be tricky, but I'll make it work. And it does have a half bath and 2 nice windows. I don't like a lot of light in my room, but they are nice if you do like a lot of light. And last but not least, I love the hardwood floors. My allergies have reduced tremendously since we got carpet out of our bedrooms. It's been amazing!

In my new house, I hope to decorate more for my husband and I both. Right now, this room has a real "granny" appeal to it. But I do collect Depression glass and prefer light quilts to heavy comforters. So, some elements of my taste may lean toward "old-fashioned." But I do want our room to be romantic and restful. I hope I can achieve that in the new house! So whatever your opinion, good or bad, here are pics of my room.

My husband's "massive" tie collection. He has no where else to hang them, so they hang on the back of the bathroom door. Oh well, it's his room too.

This dresser has an enormous mirror, so I put this tall birdcage in the center for height. The candles I placed inside look really pretty at night when they're lit.


  1. love the birdcage with candles, great idea!

  2. I agree, the birdcage with candles is very nice. I also love your little window treatment. So simple and pretty.


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