Saturday, July 11, 2009

Why Don't I Yard Sale More Often?

I found some really great stuff today at some crazy prices! Why don't I go to yard sales more often? Also, I hung my window after I changed the colors again. Those pics are at the bottom.

My sweet friend Marie recently got married and is moving to Virginia. I dropped by today to see her and to see if she was still having her "relocation" sale. She had a few things left including this beautiful antique rocker that was her grandmothers. She said that she wanted to give it to me! Can you believe that! It's a smaller scale rocker and I can just picture my little girl sitting in it reading or rocking her baby dolls. It's perfect for a small child, but for now, it's going in the guest room for mama to enjoy! I promised Marie that we'd take good care of it! What a blessing!

I bought this old lamp from her for $5.00. It has a paper shade with all these little holes punched in it. It also has a little bluebell flower design, as you can see lit up here. Isn't it pretty?

I love this little basket. I think of little red riding hood taking goodies to her grandmother when I look at it. I'm going to clean it up and probably paint it...not sure yet. But it is darling!
This dish is very tiny. I may use it to keep my coarse kosher salt in on the counter.
A couple of other cute dishes from Marie's

So everything you see here, plus the lamp I got at Marie's was all just $10. And don't forget the antique rocker she just gave to me! Pretty awesome!
Bang for a Buck!
At the next yard sale, I only had a dollar with me. A shame because they had a lot of stuff that I wanted, but I did get everything you see below for
.25 cents each! Including this large silver tray. You'll be seeing some project pics very soon!
I got two of these little milk glass plates for .25 cents a piece. I'm going to cover the gold Asian theme with some pastel paper and hang it in the baby's room by some pretty ribbon. It'll be cute.

Pics of the Window
Here is the rocking chair and the lamp together...uh-oh an open baby gate!

I absolutely hate this wall! I can never get anything to look right on it. It's very long and linear. The chaise that's part of the sectional sticks out and blocks half of it. It really needs a piece of furniture on it, but there's just no room. I really want to get rid of the sectional for a more traditional couch and 2 chairs. One day I'll post pics of the living room and explain my plans. Until then, do any of you have any suggestions for how to decorate a long wall that's otherwise pretty bare? Send me some pics, or some links of ideas you've seen! Thanks for visiting!


  1. Hi Angie...thanks so much for stopping by BNOTP! Aren't estate sales great? I love the rocker...what a great design! I wonder how tall bookshelves would look on your wall...create a little reading nook with the chaise nearby. :-) Susan

  2. You found some great stuff! Love the silver tray and pretty plates. It is hard to hang things on a long wall and have it look right. I was thinking of a thin, long sofa table under the window with a lamp and other accessories. You could keep adding plates around the window to make it like a collection. A scrolly iron piece would look good above the window. I'll keep thinking and let you know if I come up with anything.

  3. The green paint in my office/guest bedroom is called Cress Green and I think it came from Lowes. Shows up kind of limey in pictures, but it is not. It a a really nice green.

  4. Yardsaling is fun, you should go out more often...there are treasures to be found.
    The rocker from your friend is great and you found some nice things.

  5. I haven't been to many yard sales this summer, but you know I love going and finding great finds. I rearranged my dining room and redecorated it in shabby chic about 4 months ago and I've been trying to find an old window like you have. I'm not willing to pay much so I'm still waiting. I think it is just what the room needs to finish it off. I love what you've done to yours! you're so crafty!

  6. Angie - to offset the size of that wall you really need larger pieces - smaller ones look lost! Like two of theose windows hanging as if they are one large window.


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